Warranty Policy


Spectacle frames and Sunglasses  1 year supplier factory warranty against factory defects.

Anti-reflection coatings  1 year supplier warranty on standard anti-reflection coatings and up to 3 years warranty on premium anti-reflection lens coatings against pealing.

1.6 Spectacle lens materials  1.6 index spectacle lens materials are thinner, lighter, stronger and has a 1 year laboratory warranty against cracking under normal usage.

Multifocal spectacle lenses non-adaption  It can take some time to adapt to multifocal spectacle lenses, if you cannot adapt to your new pair of multifocal spectacle lenses within 30 days. We can exchange your multifocal spectacle lenses for a bifocal or two pairs of single vision spectacle lenses – one for distance and one for near vision.

1.5  Abandoned patient / customer goods policy.

If a product is abandoned by a patient / customer for a period of 90 days from the date of receiving the item we will recycle, otherwise dispose or sell the item as a loss recovery measure.