About Us

Waterstone Optometrists, established in 2005, is an optometry practice that focuses on providing high quality eyewear products and personalised  service to Helderberg region of Cape Town.

We ensure that we are well stocked with all the latest designer eyewear brands, including Ray Ban, Vogue, Emporio Armani, Oakley, D&G, Hugo Boss, Levi’s, Guess, Versace, Ted Baker, Lacoste, Polo and more.

We also have a large selection of branded fashion sunglasses including Ray Ban, Vogue, Arnette, Oakley, Polariod and more.

We carry an on-site stock of Biofinity spherical contact lenses, contact lens solutions and eye drops.

Waterstone Optometrist’s specialise in contact lens fitting, screening for eye diseases, vision disorders, evaluation of eye coordination, glaucoma screening and drivers license certificates. We pride ourselves in offering the highest standard and latest technology in eye care instrumentation.

Our goal is to help you see your best, look your best and feel your best. We aim to be your complete eye care provider, committed to the general health of your eyes and maintaining a lifelong relationship.

Waterstone Optometrists has earned a reputation of excellence by providing our patients with only the highest quality products and services at a reasonable price and great added value promotions like our Free eye test and Free prescription sunglasses promotions – without any sacrifice to quality.

You can feel confident that you are receiving the best possible care for your vision needs. You will get the most comprehensive service at a well-established practice under the care of two experienced optometrists and an optical dispenser.

Please call us on (021) 850-0868 or book online to schedule an appointment..


Our Technology

During your eye exam, we will test you with the latest in eye care technology to observe the health of your eye.

1 in 7 patients presenting for an eye exam have an asymptomatic eye disease, meaning they have no symptoms and would not have discovered the disease without getting an eye exam.

Some of the possible instruments that will be used include:

Optivue Spectral Domain Ocular Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT).

The OCT allows us to take extremely detailed 3D images of your retina and its cellular layers to look for damage. It’s like an MRI of the eye but using light and no radiation. With this instrument we are able to detect signs of glaucoma and macular degeneration sometimes up to 10 years earlier. The OCT gives us a more detailed view of the retina and optic nerve than traditional instrumentation.




DRS Plus Digital Retinal Camera.

Optometrists have always looked at the back of your eye, the retina, to ensure that your eye is healthy inside as well as outside. With this technology we can take an incredibly accurate digital image to keep on record. Not only does this allow any concerns to be shared with other health care professionals, but it also supports early diagnosis of ocular conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration. 

Non Contact Tonometer.

 This instrument helps us test the pressure in the eye without touching it. We test this pressure to determine whether you are at a risk for glaucoma, often associated with elevated pressures in the eye. It is a very important part of an eye exam since abnormal pressure results are often symptom free but can damage the eye if left untreated.

Zeiss Visual Field Analyser.

The term “Visual Field” describes the range of vision that a person has.  Unfortunately, we can lose some function in our visual field (often related to diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration) that is irreversible and may not be noticed until it is quite severe. With this instrument, we can test your range and quality of visual field to identify issues early and protect the vision you have.


Nidek Autorefractor.

Before your Optometrist identifies the best prescription for you, we use a computerized system to get a starting point. This makes the process more efficient, but it is important that an Optometrist fine tunes this automated result into a wearable prescription that will work for you.


Nidek Autophoropter.   

You may be familiar with the traditional phoropter, the instrument that is placed in front of your eyes to help the Optometrist select the correct prescription through a series of tests. With this automated version, once your prescription is determined by our Optometrists, we can instantly show you the comparison with your unaided eye, your current eyewear and the new prescription. 

Our Warranties


Our Price Promise

We will match any price on any product that we supply, if you can find it cheaper anywhere else. Written proof of quotation must be supplied.


Spectacle frames and Sunglasses

1 year factory warranty against factory defects. All warranty claims are subject to supplier verification of defect and is limited to the warranty period.


Anti-reflection coatings

1 year warranty on standard and 3 year warranty on premium lens coatings against peeling. All warranty claims are subject to supplier verification of defect and is limited to the warranty period.


Spectacle lens materials

1.6 index spectacle lens materials are thinner, lighter, stronger and have a 1 year laboratory warranty against cracking under normal usage. All warranty claims are subject to supplier verification of defect and is limited to the warranty period.


Multifocal spectacle lenses

It can take some time to adapt to multifocal spectacle lenses, if you cannot adapt to your new pair of multifocal spectacle lenses within 30 days. We can exchange your multifocal spectacle lenses for a bifocal or two pairs of single vision spectacle lenses – one for distance and one for near vision.

All warranty claims are subject to supplier verification and is limited to the warranty period.


Our Team

André van der Merwe

Optometrist dip optom (sa) foa (sa) 1992

André has extensive optometry knowledge and experience. He has been in practise in the Helderberg area for over 30 years. He acquired Waterstone Optometrists in 2017. He is passionate in his pursuit on providing leading edge eye care services and world class eye wear. 

Kevin Cummins

Optometrist dip optom (SA) FOA (SA) / sports vision (sa) 1977

Kevin is a highly qualified and experienced optometrist with a professional career in optometry spanning over 45 years. Kevin specialises in hard contact lenses. His vast optical knowledge brings much valued expertise to our practice.

Rowena Jones


Rowena is an organised and efficient member of our team.  She manages our finance and HR areas.  

Celeste Morilly

Front Liner

Celeste is our senior optical assistant. With years of working experience within the optometry industry, she coordinates our front desk and administrative duties with ease. 

Heidi Gruenbaum

OPTICAL Dispenser

nd optical dispensing (SA) 2016

Heidi is our Dispensing Optician.  She has extensive optical knowledge and experience that she uses expertly to advise patients on the most suitable optical lenses and frames specific to each individual.  Heidi is able to do adjustments and most repairs for our patients at our premises.   

Elize Skiffers

Front Liner

Elize is our front desk optical assistant.  With years of working experience within the optometry industry, she assists with optometry pre-tests and front desk duties.